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E.g., 04/19/2015
E.g., 04/19/2015
Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort ascending Project End Date
Foundational Work for a Brain-to-Society Diagnostic for Prevention of Childhood Obesity and its Chronic Diseases Consequences Laurette Dubé 01-09-2010 01-09-2015
Establishment of School of Health and Allied Science Momar Ndao 01-09-2010 05-10-2022
Women's health workshop Karen Samonds 01-09-2010 14-09-2010
Video Conferencing Boris Bahoric 01-09-2010 30-09-2022
International Clinical Trial Studying the Efficacy of Breast Surgery in the Context of Metastatic Disease Mark Basik 01-09-2010 29-09-2022
Environmental Change and Infectious Disease in Peru. Lea Berrang Ford 01-09-2010 29-09-2022
Drug screening for Chagas disease Momar Ndao 01-09-2010 05-10-2022
Aspects of the Molecular Epidemiology of Schistosomiasis in Senegal, Mali and Niger and the Future Impact of Climatic and Environmental Change on Disease Transmission Momar Ndao 01-09-2010 05-10-2022
Alzheimers Research Gerhard Multhaup 01-09-2010 30-09-2022
Drug Screening for Cryptosporidium Parvum and Other Parasites Momar Ndao 01-09-2010 05-10-2022
Training Program in Infectious Diseases at Addis Ababa University Makeda Semret 01-09-2010 30-09-2022
Alternative strategies for ameliorating mood disorders: The effectiveness of Argentine Tango dancing, meditation and circuit training for improving symptoms of mood disorders Patricia McKinley 01-08-2010 01-08-2012
The use of Argentine Tango dancing for improving well-being, self-esteem and social integration for elderly persons with visual impairments Patricia McKinley 07-07-2010 07-07-2011
ZVITAMBO Cluster Randomised Trial Project Brian Ward 01-07-2010 30-06-2015
CLEAR Collaboration Anne Andermann 01-06-2010 01-01-2017
Novel Method for Induction of Mucosal Immunity Orest Blaschuk 01-05-2010 01-05-2011
Global drivers of human pathogen richness and prevalence T. Jonathan Davies 15-04-2010 15-04-2010
Cross species pathogen transmission and disease emergence in primates T. Jonathan Davies 15-04-2010 15-04-2010
Cranio facial collaboration with Vietnamese Universities Jean Marc Retrouvey 31-03-2010 31-03-2012
The Recreational and Leisure Participation of Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy: Geographical Patterns Annette Majnemer 01-03-2010 31-03-2011
The Palawan suicide project Fabrice Jollant 01-03-2010 12-09-2022
ZVITAMBO HIV Prevention and Care for Communities, Phase III, in Zimbabwe Brian Ward 31-12-2009 30-12-2012
Genetic epidemiology of severe, life-threatening influenza infection in childhood Davinia Withington 08-10-2009 08-03-2010
Infectious Disease Fellowship Linkage Makeda Semret 01-09-2009 30-09-2022
Research for the elimination of visceral leishmaniasis from India, Nepal and Bangladesh Greg Matlashewski 01-09-2009 01-09-2011