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E.g., 04/25/2015
E.g., 04/25/2015
Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort ascending Project End Date
Project "Huella Salud" in Secondary Schools Enrique Garcia Bengoechea 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
Capacity building in resource limited settings Dan Deckelbaum 01-01-2011 27-10-2022
Birth Outcomes and Infant Mortality Among Blacks and Whites by Nativity Zoua Vang 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
Long Term Effects of Civil Conflict on Women's Health Outcomes in Peru Franque Grimard 01-01-2011 27-10-2022
Integration of mental health into primary health care (PHC) Marc Laporta 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
Neuroimaging and Cognition Group Jorge Armony 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
Improving the nutrition and health of CARICOM populations Sonia Laszlo 01-01-2011 27-10-2022
"Train the Trainers" project in Argentina Juan Negrete 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
Drug Research Timothy Geary 01-01-2011 27-10-2022
Bases neuro-anatomiques de la douleur psychique dans la dépression et les conduites suicidaires Fabrice Jollant 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
BluePrint Project Tomi Pastinen 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
Improving the nutrition and health of CARICOM populations through sustainable agricultural technologies that increase food availability and diversity of food choices Leroy Phillip 01-01-2011 27-10-2022
The Social Determinants of Health – Meta Analysis and Meta Regression Projects Eran Shor 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
Collaborative research on Mycobacterium tuberculosis Gregory T. Marczynski 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
The Iowa Flood Study: Perinatal effects of a natural disaster Suzanne King 01-01-2011 06-10-2022
Mechanism of action of novel HCV NS5A inhibitors Matthias Gotte 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
Advice to the Senate committee on States and Local government Federation of Nigeria. Wendy Thomson 01-01-2011 27-10-2022
Cross-Cultural Motivation for Physical Activity and Sport Catherine M. Sabiston 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
Aging & Migration: What it Means to Grow Older Out-of-Place Melissa Park 01-12-2010 30-11-2012
International Consortium to study HIV Exposed Uninfected individuals Nicole Bernard 11-11-2010 01-01-2015
Anticipating Personalized Medicine: Impact and Implications Jennifer Fishman 01-10-2010 13-10-2022
International Short Course in Tropical Medicine Michael Libman 01-10-2010 05-10-2022
Research and Community Interventions for Health Equity in Burkina Faso Matthew Hunt 01-10-2010 13-10-2022
Gene Expression Profiles Walter Gotlieb 01-10-2010 13-10-2022
Drug Resistant TB in Peru Antonio Ciampi 01-10-2010 13-10-2022