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Format: 2014-10-23
Format: 2014-10-23
Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort icon Project End Date
Cost-effectiveness of population-based tuberculosis control Timothy Brewer 2012-10-01 2015-09-30
Cognitive reserve in normal aging compared to individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease Eva Kehayia 2012-01-01 2022-09-26
Clinical Internships Adriana Venturini 2012-01-01 2022-09-26
E-Santé Sans-Fil et Technologies Habili-Tantes Fabrice Labeau 2012-01-01 2022-09-27
Developing practice guidelines for the treatment of burn survivors Bernadette Nedelec 2012-01-01 2022-09-26
A rehabilitation living lab: creating enabling environments for social participation and social inclusion for individuals with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. Eva Kehayia 2012-01-01 2022-09-26
Paths of Convergence for Agriculture, Health and Wealth: Scaling up Successful Business Engagement and Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Nutrition and Health for the Whole-of-Society Laurette Dubé 2012-01-01 2013-12-31
Microbiome and Disease Tolerance Centre Joaquin Madrenas 2012-01-01 2022-11-02
Investigating lexical access and representation in individuals with stroke and aphasia. Eva Kehayia 2012-01-01 2022-09-26
Clinical Internships Caroline Storr 2012-01-01 2022-09-26
Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences - Growth, Development and Metabolism Program Michael J. Meaney 2012-01-01 2022-09-27
Evaluación de Equidad en el Acceso a los Servicios de Salud de la Población Chilena: Desarrollo de un Instrumento para la Gestión Territorial de Salud Jay Kaufman 2011-07-01 2013-06-30
Maternal and Child Health Equity Research Program Arijit Nandi 2011-04-01 2016-03-31
Les points quantiques non toxiques pour la thérapie photodynamique (Non-toxic quantum dots for photodynamic therapy) Jay Nadeau 2011-03-15 2014-03-15
Activity-Based Payment Systems in Health Care Wendy Thomson 2011-01-01 2022-10-27
Cross-Cultural Motivation for Physical Activity and Sport Catherine M. Sabiston 2011-01-01 2022-09-29
Drug Research Timothy Geary 2011-01-01 2022-10-27
Bases neuro-anatomiques de la douleur psychique dans la dépression et les conduites suicidaires Fabrice Jollant 2011-01-01 2022-10-06
Long Term Effects of Civil Conflict on Women's Health Outcomes in Peru Sonia Laszlo 2011-01-01 2022-10-27
MSF Telemedicine Project Richard Montoro 2011-01-01 2022-10-06
Capacity building in resource limited settings Dan Deckelbaum 2011-01-01 2022-10-27
Birth Outcomes and Infant Mortality Among Blacks and Whites by Nativity Zoua Vang 2011-01-01 2022-10-06
Residential Segregation, Income Inequality, and Psychosocial Problems: Visible Minority Adolescents in Multilevel Context Giovani Burgos 2011-01-01 2022-10-06
“Preventing Youth Violence in El Salvador: The Role of New Graduate Teachers of Innovative Physical Educatio Enrique Garcia Bengoechea 2011-01-01 2022-01-01
Advice to the Senate committee on States and Local government Federation of Nigeria. Wendy Thomson 2011-01-01 2022-10-27