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Healthier Societies Initiative

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Health care costs are rising far faster than GDP growth. This has been an unrelenting problem across affluent countries. Together these rising costs, limitations in medical care equity, and inadequate attention to social determinants of health are already increasing disparities in health outcomes. Turning the current situation around will require innovative social policies and public health measures that more efficiently and effectively prevent illnesses and injuries, as well as health care provision and financing systems that more efficiently and effectively treat them. Important insights can be gained from a rigorous examination of which past efforts have failed and which have succeeded in leading economies around the world. This five-year initiative will enable us to map the biggest problem areas and greatest successes in the world's leading economies, as well as to rigorously examine and systematically learn from the differences among countries in terms of which are performing well and which are struggling.

Project Date: 
01/01/2011 to 01/01/2016
Type of Project: 
Research Area: 
Social Sciences & Humanities
Sub-Research Area: 
Population Studies
Other Sub-Research Area: 
Health Research
Global - All 34 OECD Countries
McGill University Project Leader Information
Project Leader: 

Jody Heymann

Primary Position
Faculty of Arts
Political Science
Institute for Health and Social Policy
Other Position/Appointment: 
Founding Director of the Institute for Health and Social Policy; Canada Research Chair in Global Health and Social Policy
Research Interests: 
How social policy and social conditions impact on health globally; poverty, income inequality and health; trade, labour conditions and health; addressing the social and health impacts of the global HIV/AIDS crisis; meeting the needs of orphans; health promotion and disease prevention.

PhD, Harvard University
MD, Harvard Medical School

Principal Investigator