Family Medicine in New Mexico

General Project Information
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Date of Experience: 
02/13/2012 to 03/11/2012
Project Description: 

Family medicine rotation at the Crownpoint Healthcare Facility in Crownpoint, New Mexico (population 4,000). The clinic is run by the US Indian Health Services, and is located on the Navajo nation reservation. Students work at the outpatient clinic (mostly), walk-in clinic, with some peds and obs-gyn mixed in. Several days are spent at outlying clinics in the region.  Tasks: histories and physical exams, home visits, minor interventions (eg. nail removal, joint injections).

Crownpoint, NM
United States
Student Experience
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The atmosphere at the Crownpoint clinic is very relaxed and low-stress. The supervisor is extremely flexible in terms of which clinics you attend, and you can easily tailor your schedule towards your own interests (i.e. do more pediatrics clinics or spend more time in the emergency dept if that interests you). Keep in mind that this is not an academic tertiary care center, and thus you will not be exposed to cutting-edge knowledge. However, the experience is quite valuable and there are a few very knowledgeable physicians at the clinic who are happy to teach. You will become extremely comfortable with the basic family medical issues, as there's a large volume of "bread and butter" cases (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc). The patients are exclusively Navajo, which is a beautiful and unique culture to learn about. There is quite a bit of poverty in the area, which adds to the complexity of the cases. Finally, the Four Corners is a phenomenal area to be in if you have any interest in the outdoors. Tons of opportunity for exploring the region. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Organization Information
Name of Organization: 
Indian Health Services - Contact: Neal Meade
Description of Site: 
Rural/Aboriginal family medicine clinic
Year-round (keep in mind it's at 2000m elevation and winters are almost as cold as in Montreal!)
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Other Information
Program Cost: 
Housing: $0. Food: same as in Montreal. Transport: must pay for round trip flight + rental car for the rotation (no public transport from Albuquerque airport to Crownpoint).
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Dress Code: 
Hospital-chique. White coat optional.
Travel Details: 
Students are expected to make their own travel arrangements. Further, there is no public transport to/from Crownpoint so a car is pretty much essential.
Housing Details: 
Housing is provided for free. Not exactly luxurious but it's functional.