Family Medicine in Haifa and Be'ersheva

General Project Information
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Date of Experience: 
03/12/2012 to 04/08/2012
Project Description: 

During my first 2 weeks in Haifa, I was responsible in the clinic at first with the doctor to perform physical exams and take histories when possible. I worked a few hours over the 2 weeks with the nurse, performing blood tests and vaccinations. There was opportunity to take on the "primary" physician role on several occasions with either the staff or stage/resident available for backup. There was also 2 days a week, a period for teaching/discussion. Given that a stage was beginning the same time I was, the physician created a journal club where we presented an article and discussed it amongst the 3 of us.

In Beer Sheva, I worked in a Bedouin clinic. Given my limited knowledge of Arabic, I worked with the physician. He translated the patients concerns/complaints. If there were any questions or additional information I wanted to know, the physician translated for me.  I was responsible for the physical exam component and then discussion with the doctor (depending on the situation) the diagnosis and plan of action.

Haifa, Be'ersheva
Student Experience
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For more information contact the Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator in the Department of Family Medicine
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Not provided.

Organization Information
Name of Organization: 
Ben-Gurion Medical School
Description of Site: 
Contact: Ronit Temes (elective coordinator)
Main Language Spoken: 
English, Hebrew, Arabic
Other Information
Program Cost: 
housing/food - 350, hard to determine other costs given exceptional circumstances
Housing Details: 
In Be'er sheva- student dormitory next to hospital center

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