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Fabrice Jollant

Personal Information
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Primary Position
Faculty of Medicine
Other Institute: 
Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Assistant Professor
Other Position/Appointment: 
Attending Psychiatrist
Research Interests: 
Suicidal behavior, depressive disorders, cognition, neuroimaging

- M.D. (1991-1997): Paris, school of medicine, France - Specialty in Psychiatry (1997-2004): Montpellier, school of medicine, France - M.Sc. (2002): University Montpellier I, France - Visiting research associate (2004-2005): Institute of psychiatry, London, UK - Ph.D. (2007): University Montpellier I, France - Chef de clinique - assistant des hôpitaux then Praticien Hospitalier Universitaire (2005-2010): Montpellier, school of medicine, France - Assistant professor (since 2010): McGill University, Montréal - Attending psychiatrist and researcher (since 2010): Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Montréal

Selected Publications: 

Jollant F., Bellivier F., Leboyer M., Astruc B., Torres S., Verdier R., Castelnau D., Malafosse A., Courtet P. Impaired decision-making in suicide attempters. Am J Psychiatry 2005; 162(2): 304-10.

Jollant F., Lawrence N., Giampietro V., Brammer M.J., Fullana M.A., Drapier D., Courtet Ph., Phillips M.L. Orbitofrontal cortex response to angry faces in men with histories of suicide attempters. Am J Psychiatry 2008; 165(6): 740-8.

Jollant F., Lawrence NS., Olié E., O’Daly O., Malafosse A., Courtet Ph., Phillips ML. Decreased activation of lateral orbitofrontal cortex during risky choices under uncertainty is associated with disadvantageous decision-making and suicidal behavior. Neuroimage. 2010 Jul 1; 51(3): 1275-81.

Jollant F., Lawrence NS., Olié E., Guillaume S, Courtet P. The suicidal mind and brain: a review of neuropsychological and neuroimaging studies. World J Biol Psychiatr. 2011; 12(5): 319-39.

Jollant F, Malafosse A, Docto R, Macdonald C. A pocket of very high suicide rates in a non-violent, egalitarian and cooperative population of South-East Asia. Psychol Med. 2014 Jan 17:1-7.