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Dick Menzies

Personal Information
Primary Position
Faculty of Medicine
McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
Other Institute: 
Montreal Chest Institute
Research Interests: 
Tuberculosis - clinical studies of new diagnostic tests, long term outcome, side effects of therapy, and compliance with therapy. Epi studies - of health care workers. Molecular epi studies- effect of BCG on - transmission, transmission to HCW. Building related illnesses - epidemiological studies: of effect of GUV light, effect of microbial contamination and endotoxin.
Selected Publications: 

Menzies D, Dion MJ, Rabinovitch B, Mannix S, Brassard P, Schwartzman K. Treatment Completion and Costs (in a Randomized Trial) of 4 Months Rifampin vs 9 Months Isoniazid. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Medicine 2004

Yee D, Valiquette C, Pelletier M, Parisien I, Rocher I, Menzies D. Incidence of serious side effects from first-line antituberculosis drugs among patients treated for active tuberculosis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2003; 167: 1472-1477.

Menzies D, Fanning A, Yuan L, FitzGerald JM and the Canadian Collaborative Group in Nosocomial transmission of TB. Hospital ventilation and tuberculin conversion in health care workers. Annals of Internal Medicine 2000; 133: 779-789.