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Arranges varied clinical learning experiences for McGill's OT students in remote regions of Quebec with support from the McGill retention project and our McGill RUIS network, all other Canadian provinces through our National Placement Service in partnership with ACOTUP and varied international locations both with developing countries and G7 partners.  All of these internships have a service component in providing OT services and 2 projects are funded by fellowships. Some of our projects are inter professional in service delivery design.  International partners are sourced by networking with past alumni, national organizations, NGOs and different university partners. On an annual basis, we arrange 300 clinical internships for the OT program and our break-down on average is as follows: Remote, rural Quebec regions (i.e.: Abititi, Gaspésie, Outaouais, James Bay, Eastern Townships, Thetford Mines): 6; Canadian out of province: (Yukon, BC, AB, ON, NFLD, NB, NS, PEI): 15-20; International: (Tanzania, India, Thailand, Namibia, Columbia, Guatemala, Barbados, Bahamas, England, France, Greece, US, Hong Kong, New Zealand): 15-20

Project Date: 
01/01/2012 to 09/26/2022
Type of Project: 
New Zealand
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
United States
McGill University Project Leader Information
Project Leader: 

Caroline Storr

Profile Picture: 
Primary Position
Faculty of Medicine
School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 
International fieldwork, models of student supervision, community service learning, mentoring, teaching and technology. Fieldwork education is constantly changing yet change itself is hard to implement. In an effort to promote continuous quality improvement in the clinical teaching setting while assuring that we meet diverse client needs, we need to regularly examine the changing forces and adapt our teaching to new learners and new ways in the workplace. What are the current benefits and challenges of international OT fieldwork? This current study is helping to highlight factors for consideration in planning international electives. I like to explore clinically relevant questions.

M.B.A., Concordia University

B.Sc. (Occ. Ther.), McGill University

Selected Publications: 

Beaulieu, M., Granner, F.,Hopmeyer, E., Storr, C., Vogt, A. Virtual and Face-to-Face Group Work :  An Inter-Professional Supervision Course. Intervention, 133, 31-38, (2010)

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O’Sullivan AL, Slade, Jill Stier, Caroline A. Storr, and Julie L. Denney (2010) 1000 fieldwork hours: Analysis of multi-site evidence. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy June 2010 77(3) 135-143.

Hadouda, S. Rabiaa-Laroui, H., Lemay, A., Martin, B., Korner-Bitensky, N., Menon, A., Storr, C., Asseraf-Pasin, L., Ahmed, S. (April 2009) Practice Style Traits of Student Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy 76(2): 112-120.

Korner-Bitensky N, Roy MA, Teasell R, Kloda L, Storr C, Asseraf-Pasin, Menon-Nair A. (2007) Creation and pilot testing of StrokEngine: The stroke rehabilitation intervention website for clinicians and families. J Rehab Med submitted electronically September 21, 2007, resubmitted with revisions based on reviewers’ comments Dec 13, 2007.

Thomas, A., Storr, C. WebCT in Occupational Therapy clinical Education: Implementing and evaluating a tool for fostering peer learning and interaction. OT International 2005;12(3):162-179.

Asseraf-Pasin, L., Storr, C., Mentoring: Student Self-Directed Versus Instructor-Driven Peer Coacing in Physical and Occupational Therapy Education. Proceedings of the 8th Toulon-Verona Conference, Sept 2005.


Principal Investigator