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Birth Outcomes and Infant Mortality Among Blacks and Whites by Nativity

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Project Date: 
01/01/2011 to 10/06/2022
Type of Project: 
Research Area: 
Social Sciences & Humanities
Sub-Research Area: 
United States
McGill University Project Leader Information
Project Leader: 

Zoua Vang

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Primary Position
Faculty of Arts
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 
Immigration, race and ethnic relations, residential segregation, neighborhood effects, racial/ethnic health disparities and immigrant health, mixed methods, and social policy.

Dr. Vang received her BA in Sociology and Psychology (1999) from the University of Pennsylvania, and her MA (2004) and PhD (2008) in Sociology from Harvard University (with additional doctorate training in social policy with the Multidisciplinary Program on Inequality and Social Policy at the Kennedy School of Government). She received an additional two years of postdoctoral training in social demography and racial/ethnic health disparities as a NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Vang specializes in immigration, race and ethnic relations, residential segregation, and health disparities. Her research broadly focuses on issues related to immigrant adaptation, including intergroup relations, spatial assimilation, health, economic incorporation, and transnationalism.  Her work explores the ways in which sociodemographic factors (e.g., race, ethnicity), institutions, and local contexts of reception (e.g., neighborhoods) facilitate immigrant integration or lead to social exclusion in North America (USA and Canada) and Western Europe (Ireland and EU). 

To date, Dr. Vang’s research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Fonds de recherche Quebec-Societe et culture, the Minda de Gunzberg Center for European Studies, the Rappaport Center for Greater Boston, and the American Society of Criminology.

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