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Message from the Director

Welcome to the McGill University Global Health Programs (GHP). Global Health at McGill aims to improve population health in resource limited settings, both locally and abroad, through collaborative, multidisciplinary approaches.

Under the Faculty of Medicine, GHP works with other Faculties including but not limited to Law, Management, Agriculture and Environmental Science to promote human well-being, productivity and economic development. GHP continues to improve health capacities in vulnerable populations through research, education, and health system development. While program implementation using such paradigms in resource limited settings remains the cornerstone of our activities at GHP, we also aim to prepare students, faculty and professionals, to pursue global health careers with the expected knowledge, professionalism, and competencies.

For those embarking on global health careers, McGill University offers related educational programs ranging from general introductory courses to specialized programs linked to professional training across the various McGill faculties. These programs include didactic components, field work, and research under the leadership and mentorships of global health experts.

The McGill University GHP is a centralized portal that provides students and faculty with the building blocks necessary for engaging in capacity building interventions in resource limited settings by creating networking opportunities locally and beyond, logistical guidance for program implementation, and identifying funding opportunities for such interventions.

We look forward to your interest and participation in Global Health!


Dan Deckelbaum, MD