Gender Equality

CROSS-CUTTNG THEME: Gender equality

Theme leader: Ishara Mahat (Project Consultant)

Social and gender analysis (SAGA) will be integrated in the project to ensure gender equality in action plans to improve food and nutrition security in CARICOM. SAGA implementation plan includes:

  • gender roles:  defining the specific gender roles in the food supply chain in the local context;
  • stakeholders analysis: analysis of stakeholders, with a “gender lens”, their roles and priorities, perceptions and capacity that can lead to opportunities or/constraints for the successful implementation of the project;
  • empowerment strategies: acknowledging the present empowerment actions and strategies, and assessing how they can be improved;
  • monitoring and evaluation of gender indicators: different techniques of participatory  appraisal (example: “access and control profile” and gender analysis matrix) will be used as major tools for the assessment;
  • sustainability: analysis of the gender roles in land and water conservation and management, and the capacity of stakeholders to own the process of transformation; 
  • Documentation: experiences and findings from SAGA will be documented for outreach, and targeted to benefit women groups.