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Conference Proceedings, webcasts and photos and presentations are now available.

Strategies against Food Insecurity and Hunger

On Tuesday October 8th and Wednesday October 9th, 2013, the McGill Institute for Global Food Security will host the Sixth McGill Conference on Global Food Security to explore strategies and solutions against food insecurity and global hunger. The Conference will open on the evening of Tuesday October 8th with a Public Lecture by a leading international dignitary, followed by a full day of conference sessions, a poster competition, and a networking cocktail in the evening.

Since its inception in 2008, the annual McGill Conference on Global Food Security has uncovered critical issues affecting the world’s poorest and undernourished populations. The themes from the previous five Conferences: The World Food Crisis: Framing a McGill Response (2008); Impacts of Global Financial Turmoil on Food Security (2009); Food Security, Water Scarcity, and Nutrition (2010); Risk and Threats to Food Security (2011); and Food Prices and Political Instability (2012) serve as the cornerstones for this year’s theme: Strategies against Food Insecurity and Hunger. By integrating outcomes from the previous Conferences, it is apparent that food security strategies need to better incorporate the overlap between i) sustainable food production, ii) income generation, iii) nutrition, and iv) institutional stability to improve the nutritional status of the world’s poorest people.  

Moreover, through cross-disciplinary dialogue–including a student-led panel as a central part of the Conference program– the annual Conferences have also produced critical pathways for exploring global strategies and local solutions. Participants attending the conference, which include representatives from government, students, academics, the private sector, national and international non-governmental agencies, and civil society, will have the opportunity to be part of the unveiling of a new era in which improved nutrition status of global populations is driven by agriculture as its sole raison d’être.

Focusing on strategies and solutions against food insecurity and hunger, propelled by McGill’s longstanding dedication and expertise in agriculture and environment, nutrition, and food security, the Conference provides a unique forum to foster a global paradigm shift; a shift towards convergence of understanding and commitment to reduce hunger and malnutrition. This is truly an exceptional opportunity to be part of a recognized and well-established international event on global food security.

We welcome you to join us at the Sixth McGill Conference on Global Food Security on October 8th and 9th, 2013 and to be an active voice in the discussion regarding one of the world’s most pressing humanitarian and environmental challenges: growing nutritious food for a growing global population.