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Global Food Security Conference

Proceedings of the Third McGill Conference on Global Food Security (October 2010)
Download: 2010 Conference Proceedings

Webcasts from the 2010 Conference are now available for viewing.

Watch Roundtable Talks: Tackling Water Scarcity on YouTube.

Watch Roundtable Talks: Tackling Food and Nutrition Security on YouTube.

Read the speech given at the Public Lecture by the The Honourable Beverly J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation

Radio Interviews with conference participants

Dr. David Nabarro interview on CBC Radio Noon
Dr. David Nabarro interview on Radio Canada International
Barbara Burlingame interview on Radio Canada International
Victoria Quinn on Radio Canada International
Panel discussion with Bart Schultz, Sam Asiedu and Sam Gameda on Radio Canada International
Eugene Terry interview on Radio Canada International
Dyno Keatinge on Radio Canada International
Grace Marquis on Radio Canada International



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Dr. Eugene Terry
Keynote Speaker
Strategic Partnerships to Transform Global Agricultural Research for Development


Defining and Measuring Food and Nutrition Security in Vulnerable Communities

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Harriet Kuhnlein Defining and Measuring Food and Nutrition Security in Vulnerable Communities
Arne Oshaug The Human Right to Adequate Food
Barbara Burlingame Biodiversity, Nutrition and Sustainable Diets
Rafael Perez-Escamilla ELCSA: The Latin American & Caribbean Household Food Security Measurement Scale


Linkages between Food Security, Nutrition and Health

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Grace Egeland Arctic Food Insecurity: Context and Consequences
Marie Ruel Food Security and Nutrition: Is there a disconnect?
Chowdhury Jalal Developing a sustainable food security and nutrition surveillance system in Bangladesh
Grace Marquis Video on ENAM Project
Presentation: Adding ENAM to the intervention pot to improve young children's diets in rural Ghana


The Global Water Outlook: an International Response

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Bart Schultz Role of Tidal Lowlands for Food Production in the Humid Tropics
Mohamed Ait Kadi Water- Agriculture- International Trade Nexus: Implications for Food Security in the context of Climate Change
Claudia Ringler Climate Change and Water: Impacts on Global Food Security


Water Management Scenarios for Securing the Food Supply

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M. Gopalakrishnan Water Management Scenarios for Securing the Food Supply - India
Zhanyi Gao Food Security and Irrigation Development in China
José Joaquin Campos Integrated Management of Water and Food Systems: a perspective from CATIE


Response of the International Development Agencies to Food Security

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Rebekah Young Pulling innovation into practice: Financial incentives for agriculture
Cheryl Morden Gaining Their Rightful Place: Strategic Directions to Support Small- Scale Agriculturalists and Rural Entrepreneurs
Christopher Delgado From Emergency Food Crisis Response to Addressing Long-Term Under-Investment in Food and Agriculture
Florence Rolle FAO’s Response to the Global Food Security Crisis: Example of Ethiopia
Ian Campbell AAFC and H2O

Bridging the Divide: Water Scarcity, Food and Health

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Timothy Geary Infectious disease epidemiology: association with water scarcity and agricultural practices
Noel Solomons Water Scarcity, Food Insecurity and Sub-optimal Health: Connecting the Dots for Central America
Marco Ferroni More Crop per Drop for Universal Food Security
Victoria Quinn The Human Face of Food Insecurity, Hunger and Undernutrition


Plenary Wrap-Up

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Chandra A. Madramootoo Plenary Session Conference Wrap up