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Stéphanie O'Neill

Stéphanie O’Neill is a Ph.D. student at Université de Montréal. She is interested in the history of everyday life, family and consumption in Québec during the “Glorious Thirties”, a period which begins in a climate fraught with Cold War anxieties, witnesses the rise of social contestation, and ends with the shockwave generated by the first oil crisis. More specifically, by analyzing the impact of the arrival of consumer society, and the new vision of money it brings forth, on marital and intergenerational interactions within Francophone and Anglophone households, her dissertation aspires to shed some light on the tensions generated by a never before seen prosperity, which on the other hand also makes family life easier by improving the level of material comfort. Stéphanie is consequently especially interested in the dialectic uniting practices to normative discourses on consumption, gender and family relations. By focusing on financial habits and material conditions, she’s also trying to learn more about the moment of mass consumption’s arrival in Québec and Canada, a consensus having yet to be reached among historians on that matter.