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Daniel Horner

dhorner [at] yorku [dot] ca (Daniel Horner)

Dan Horner is an L.R. Wilson Postdoctoral Fellow in Canadian History at McMaster University.  His current research examines the circulation of ideas about public order, political culture, and authority in the nineteenth-century North Atlantic World by looking at how civic elites in Montreal and Liverpool addressed a series of crises of urban governance.  How local authorities framed and acted on a set of social problems that accompanied the rapid growth of these bustling port cities, like outbreaks of epidemic disease, economic polarization, and sectarian conflict, provides a glimpse into how they interacted with an increasingly assertive public, how they put their liberal approach to governance into practice, and how they defended the legitimacy of their social and cultural power.  He is currently revising his dissertation on public life and popular politics in mid-nineteenth-century Montreal, which he defended in 2010 at York University, for publication.  Articles based on this research have appeared in Social History / Histoire sociale and the Urban History Revue / Revue d’histoire urbaine.

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