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Fall 2013

Courses taught in English

GERM 197 - FYS: Images of Otherness
Prof. Tove Holmes

The seminar examines images and narratives of the foreign, alien, and uncanny Other in major works of German literature, film, music, and art from Romanticism to the present. Works discussed include Wagner's Lohengrin, expressionist art, and texts by authors such as ETA Hoffmann, Kleist, Freud, Nietzsche, Kafka, and Thomas Mann.

GERM 259 - Introduction to German Literature 1
Prof. Paul Peters
Introduction to the major authors, genres, and topics of German literature from the Middle Ages to the Age of Goethe, including the Nibelungenlied, Faust, classical tragedy, and the rise of the novel.

GERM 357 - German Culture in European Context
Topic: Walking through Literature: Poetics of the Step from Classicism to Post-Modernity
Prof. Tove Holmes
A comparative examination of selected moments in German literary, artistic and cultural history in relation to broader European movements; focus on influences, exchanges and dialogues across national boundaries.

Literature and Cultural Studies courses in German

GERM 361 - German Literature 1918 to 1945
Prof. Michael Cowan
Note: Seminar will focus on Weimar visual culture (painting, photography, film).
The course deals with the culture, literature and society of the Weimar Republic and the period of the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Writers studied will include: Brecht, Seghers, Fleisser, Kästner, Tucholsky, Benn, Kolmar, and Lasker-Schüler.

GERM 646 - German Literature - 20th Century 2: Hoffmansthal
Prof. Paul Peters

Winter 2013

Courses taught in English

GERM 260 – Introduction to German Literature 2
Prof. TBA
This course examines a representative selection of the major authors, texts, and movements in German literature from 1800 to the present, including Romanticism, Realism, Symbolism and Expressionism, as well as the Weimar and post-war periods in both West and East Germany. The choice of authors and texts is open, but authors discussed have traditionally included Novalis, Hoffmann, Kleist, Heine, Büchner, Fontane, Rilke, Thomas Mann, Kafka, Brecht, and such later writers as Böll, Celan, Christa Wolf and Heiner Müller. The course has also traditionally provided some background in the overall political and social history in Germany and Central Europe in this period, as well as in contemporary developments in thought, music, and the arts.

GERM 367 - Topics in German Thought
Prof. Paul Peters
A variety of issues significant to the development of German cultural and intellectual life.

GERM 382 - Faust: Chapbook to Horror Film
Prof. Paul Peters

This course will explore why the story of a mathematician who sold his soul to the devil has remained one of the most enduring myths in western culture. Works discussed will include plays by Marlowe, Goethe, and Valery and films by Murnau, Kurosawa, and others.

Literature and Cultural Studies courses in German

GERM 331 - Germany after Reunification 
Prof. Sylvia Rieger
The events which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany in 1990 and the changing cultural, social, political and economic landscape of the 'New Germany'. Highlighting issues of cultural and social politics, texts discussed include historical, literary and film material.

GERM 362 - 20th Centurey Literature Topics
Topic: Ikonen des Terrors: Baader-Meinhof in Literatur, Film und Kunst
Prof. Karin Bauer
Introduction to selected topics and genres in twentieth century literature and culture.

Language courses - fall and winter

GERM 200 – Intensive Beginners

GERM 202 – Beginners

GERM 300 – Intensive Intermediate

GERM 307 – Intermediate

GERM 325 – Intensive Advanced