MUHC: Royal Victoria Hospital

The Royal Victoria Hospital is a 680 bed tertiary care hospital which is part of the McGill University Health Center.

The Division of Geriatric Medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital maintains a 28 bed acute care geriatrics ward. Patients are admitted from the emergency room and inpatient consults. The principal goal of the ward is in-hospital rehabilitation for cases too heavy medically for general rehabilitation centers, although patients with general geriatric issues are accepted as well. A consultation service also is available for inpatients with a variety of geriatric issues. The Division is also responsible for a transition care service and 37-bed unit on S7W, as well as an outpatient geriatric clinic.

A unique feature of the Royal Victoria Hospital is its Day Hospital Program. This unit is an outpatient rehabilitation center for 18 patients who are well enough to live in the community but would benefit from continued rehabilitation after an illness. A multidisciplinary approach is stressed with the involvement of geriatricians, nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. Consultations with other hospital medical and surgical services is available.

Research is carried out by the Division of Geriatric Medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital in the fields of pharmaco-epidemiology, pharmacology in the elderly, computer assisted office management, health outcomes research and nutrition.

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