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Graduate Recruitment

The links below describe the current graduate study opportunities offered by faculty members. Some faculty, however, may be willing to supervise independent student research related to their areas of study. In all cases, however, students should contact an appropriate faculty member before submitting an application for graduate study. 

Geography Graduate Program

The Department of Geography offers a graduate program leading to a Master’s of Arts (MA), a Master’s of Science (MSc), and a doctorate (Ph.D.). We only accept full-time students; part-time status is not an option.

Departmental Fellowships

The department awards several fellowships to its current graduate students, and will solicit applications from students at the appropriate times.

Rathlyn Fellowship in Geography

$2,500 annually (minimum), renewable once at the master's level and twice at the doctoral level.

Established in 1986, the fellowship is available to graduate students whose research involves GIS and may be shared by more than one applicant.