Gault House

 Located on the shore of Lac Hertel on Mont St. Hilaire, Gault House will charm you as much by its character as by its wide variety of services.

Whether you are looking for peace of mind, new inspiration, a warm place for an executive meeting, the Gault House staff can fulfill your most exacting needs. We offer a unique and stimulating environment.

Gault House is an ideal place for workshops, retreats, seminars, etc. Coffee-break service, meals, audiovisual equipment and overnight accommodation are available for your convenience. Meals and breaks are arranged according to your daytime program.

Reorientation of Gault House

Please note that since the spring of 2011 McGill University has revised the orientation of Gault House to better serve the mission of Gault Nature Reserve and will no longer offer the “reception” component.     Gault House will continue to accommodate events relating to academic courses, lectures, seminars, retreats, business meetings and conferences.