Resources for Researchers

Planning your fieldwork at Gault Nature Reserve:

Reserve Use Application

You must apply to use the Gault Nature Reserve before you begin your field work.

  • You must submit an online application which will be reviewed by the Director for approval. Apply online at Research Application Form. This form is also used for Housing or Laboratory booking. The Reserve staff will receive an email when you submit an activity request, and you will be notified by email when the director approves the activity request,
  • Materials and in-kind contributions are available for research projects and assessment of demands are processed through Research Application Form,
  • Most Reserve users will also need to download and submit a signed Reserve Agreement,
  • For additional information, see Research guide,
  • Research Application Form is used to keep records of all research activity on the Reserve for future research projects.


Use of Mesocosm facility is managed by gregor.fussmann [at] (Prof. Gregor Fussmann), Gault Nature Reserve Director.