University teaching and research are, and long have been, an essential element of activities at the Gault Nature Reserve. The first scientific studies at the site date from 1859.

Famous scientists such as Sir John W. Dawson, T. Sterry Hunt and Frère Marie-Victorin have explored the geology and vegetation of Mont St. Hilaire.

Today there are over 400 scientific articles, 100 graduate theses, more than 50 government reports and about 30 book chapters that are based on research at Mont St. Hilaire.


Mont St. Hilaire has a worldwide reputation for the diversity of its minerals as well as the flora and fauna. The mountain is covered by old-growth forests that predate the arrival of the Europeans in the region.

The special nature of the mountain, its rich history of scientific investigation, its proximity to Montreal, and the availability of laboratory and lodging facilities on the site all combine to make the Gault Nature Reserve an exceptional venue for university teaching and research.

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