Outdoor Activities

copyrights Alain Tessier
copyrights Alain Tessier

Public admission

The Mont St. Hilaire Nature Centre is a non-profit organization authorized by McGill University to ensure public access to the mountain. The Nature Centre is financed primarily by entrance and membership fees.


Hiking, birdwatching, skiing, snowshoeing.  Click here for equipment rental fees

Daily fees

Child 0 to 5 Free
Youth 6 to 17 $2.00
Adult 18 + $7.00
Family (2 Adults + kids) $17.00
Members Free (annual membership available)

Admission for university classes

University classes can arrange to visit the mountain at no charge, but it is necessary info.gault [at] mcgill.ca (to contact us) a week in advance of the class visit.  In order to have free access for all the participants, the activity must be part of an official course (please provide the course number) and all participants must arrive by bus.  McGill's student's associations are also eligible for free access if they arrive by bus.

Hours of Operation

The Gault Nature Reserve is open every day from 8:00 am to 1 hour before sunset. Details here

Visitor Information and Regulations

Some activities are incompatible with our goal of protecting the ecological integrity of the reserve so that it can be appreciated by future generations. The following restrictions therefore apply throughout the reserve, and to visitors from the University as well as the general public. Visitors shall NOT:

  • Feed, molest, trap or hunt animals
  • Collect plants or minerals
  • Release any animals or introduce any plants
  • Camp or build campfires
  • Open any new trails or make shortcuts along existing trails
  • Operate snowmobiles or other vehicles
  • Operate motorcycles or bicycles
  • Ride horses
  • Walk dogs or other animals, with the exception of guide dogs
  • Swim, wade, boat or fish on Lac Hertel
  • Hang glide
  • Play ball