Gault Nature Reserve has a lot to offer to students and researchers.  In addition to our wet lab and our classroom, you can also use our rowing boat, our pontoon and other state of the art facilities :


Experimental dock used for the study of phytoplankton communities, it provides a link between observational field studies and controlled laboratoy experiments.  It can contain up to 32 replicas (mesocosms) enabling manipulation of environmental conditions without adverse impacts to natural ecosystems. Video: Code Chastenay episode on Mesoscom



Experimental pond (6.5m in diameter and 2m in height) covered by a geodesic dome for environmental control. This infrastructure enhanced ecological realism of our experiments while retaining very high levels of control and replication.

Hydrology Lab

This lab was the old chlorination station for the RIEVR (Régie Intermunicipale de l'Eau de la Vallée du Richelieu).  This research facility provides direct acccess to water from lake hertel.

Weather stations

Gault Nature Reserve contains a network of autonomous weather stations that continuously monitor environmental conditions in forest ecosystems. These weather station are linked via radio to a central server that accumulate this valuable information.