pH Reflux Monitoring


To verify the presence of esophageal reflux


The pH in the esophagus is usually neutral. Reflux can occur if the esophageal sphincter does not open and close properly, then acid and stomach contents can come back up, into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the upper chest and the esophagus.


The pH monitoring allows to monitor the esophagus pH (acid or basic) for a period of 24 hrs. How do we do the exam? The nurse will position the probe (small tube of the size of spaghetti) in the esophagus via one nostril. She will also put an electrode on the abdomen by fixating it with a tape. The probe is connected to a machine of the size of a WalkmanR, allowing recording of data for 24 hours.


Following the recommendation of your doctor any medication that decreases the acidity in the stomach should be stopped. E.g. Zantac needs to be stopped for 3 days before the exam. Losec needs to be stopped for 5 to 7 days before the exam. The day of the test Nothing to eat or to drink 2-4 hours before the exam

What can your child do during the exam?

- Eat normally - Do all activities normally - If the probe on the abdomen is removed by accident, you can fix it back on with a tape - If the probe in the nostril comes out, leave it out and note the time of the event

When the exam is over, what do I do?

- After a 24 hour period the machine will stop on it’s own - The parent can remove the probe, gently by pulling it out - Wrap the probes with a diaper or paper towel - Put it back in the special box given to you by the nurse

Return it at the MCH, D-562 before 14 hr.