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McGill University, Division of Gastroenterology Staff provide patient consultation care and endoscopic services. You can search for a physician by Hospital Site, Doctor's Name or by Sub-Specialty/Clinic as some specialized services are provided only at certain hospital sites.

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SEARCH BY HOSPITAL (in alphabetical order)

Montreal Children's Hospital (Pediatric)

Montreal General Hospital (Adult)

Jewish General Hospital (Adult)

Royal Victoria Hospital (Adult)

St-Mary's Hospital (Adult)

  • Dr. Cam Davies
  • Dr. Gaetano Morelli
  • Dr. Scott Kenick
  • Dr. Leonard Luterman

SEARCH BY DOCTOR (in alphabetical order)

SEARCH BY SPECIALTY/CLINIC (in alphabetical order)

General Gastroenterology (Adult)


General Gastroenterology Pediatrics – Montreal Children's Hospital

(Bilio-pancreatic & ERCP – Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography)

MUHC = McGill University Health Centre
MGH = Montreal General Hospital
SMBD-JGH = Sir Mortimer B. Davis, Jewish General Hospital
RVH – Royal Victoria Hospital
MCH= Montreal Children's Hospital
*= Performs ERCP



Acid Peptic Disease