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Student Support & Services

The First Peoples’ House offers a multitude of services for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students. We provide on-campus lodging for students, with priority for those who identify themselves as being of Indigenous descent on the Residence Application Form. Furthermore, our re-furnished lounge provides a comfortable place for students to decompress in between classes, mingle with their peers, enjoy a cup of coffee, browse the web, or read a book. We serve a soup and bannock lunch every Wednesday and all are welcome to attend!

For students who want to stay connected to the Indigenous community and to ceremony, we regularly receive visits from Elders who are available to talk with students and staff, smudge and host traditional talking circles. We also work with various organizations to host guest lectures, where speakers from all walks of life discuss issues relevant to Indigenous students. Finally, we organize a Pow-Wow every year on McGill’s Lower Field!

We can be your support network throughout your studies at McGill.  There are many ways to find support or get involved and at the end of your degree, we’ll be proud to give you one of our ceremonial scarves to honour your success.