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Marcy Maracle, Mohawk, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON, B.Sc.‘15, Ecological Determinants of Health with a minor in Psychology:

“The First Peoples’ House is like a piece of home tucked away inside McGill; the familiarity and warmth that everyone greets you with, even if you’re at first a stranger, is truly something special.”

Katrina Harris, Metis, Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC (BA-Honours Economics, 2006) :

Katrina Harris- BA Economics (Honors) 2006
"Being at the First Peoples' House is the closest feeling to being at home on campus. Whether I come by just to chat with Lynn or organize activities with Waneek, the door is always wide open and the coffee is always hot! The House has been so supportive of my volunteer work with the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal. Whenever I need updates or information, I can count on Lynn and Waneek to guide me in the right direction. Thank you Lynn and Waneek for your friendship and support!"

Misty and Betty-Anne

Kara Dawne Zemel, Mohawk, Kahnawà:ke, QC, B.A. Canadian Studies (2002):

"As a Native student at McGill University, the First Peoples' House was a great place for me to hangout, study or vent. Of all that there is to miss at McGill University, I miss First Peoples' House the most."

Lorien Sam Roback, Li'Lwat, Vancouver, BC, Education:

"There is a connection between the students that allows us to hold onto our roots, even though some of us are three thousand miles away from home".

Maggie Wente, Ojibway, Serpent River, ON, Graduate, B.A. Philosophy:

"There is a whole world that needs to hear our voices. The House is a place for people from different indigenous nations to gather and share experiences. We learn from each other. Through this learning, we become aware of our common history and concerns."

J.Metallic, M. Lariviere, M.B. Whiteduck, B.A. Forward

Doreen Mathias, Algonquin, Winaway, QC, currently in the B.Ed., Special Ed.:

"When I started at McGill, I was feeling somewhat alone and insecure. But I soon found that I had a place to go where the people made me feel wanted. They provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed to continue my studies. I will not forget the First Peoples' House".

Monique Larivière, Saulteaux/Cree, Birch River, MB, B.A. English Literature (1998), currently working towards a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL):

"When I did my first degree at McGill from '95 to '98 FPH had not yet been established. As a result, I knew no other Aboriginal students who were attending McGill. Now that FPH exists I can honestly say that my McGill experience has been entirely different and much more positive. I really appreciate the sense of community we have and friends that I have made. FPH is a valuable resource that will undoubtedly contribute to the overall success of McGill's Aboriginal students."

Jessica Oesterich, Mohawk, Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory, Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies:

"In my two years at McGill the First Peoples' House has played a pivotal role in my everyday life. It has given me a place to escape from the pressures of academic life by providing a welcoming environment. Without the FPH, I probably would have done the logical thing and transferred to Concordia."

Shalan Joudry, Mi'kmaq, Bear River, Nova Scotia, 1st year Environmental Biology:

"As I begin each week the First Peoples' House offers me the company of friends, a network to stay motivated. In the middle of the week it is a place of solitude in which to keep a focused pace with my studies. At the end of the week it provides a special reprieve."

Karehí:io Kevin Fleischer, Mohawk, Kahnawà:ke, Qc, 3rd year Law:

"Nowhere else on campus can I find the kind of comfort and support that I do at the First Peoples' House. It's my home away from home."