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Voluntary meal plans


Do you live off campus but still want to take advantage of the convenience offered by a Meal Plan? Choose from the Saver or oneCard Meal Plans to enjoy all of benefits of letting us do the cooking!

The Saver Meal Plan

This plan can be purchased by any full or part-time student, and was designed for those who intend to eat on campus on a regular basis. The base amount to purchase this plan is $1300 per term, but this amount can be topped up at any time. The Saver Meal Plan is tax exempt, which translates to a savings of almost 15%!

As specified by Quebec sales tax laws, some confectionery items are exempt from the Saver Meal Plan. In addition, the Saver Meal Plan is subject to several terms as specified by the federal government in order to be tax exempt.

Terms of the Saver Meal Plan

  • The base amount to purchase this plan is $1300 per term. It can be topped up at any time.
  • This amount is based on federal governmental rules and regulations for university student tax exempt meal plans. These stipulate that a meal plan must represent at least 10 meals per week, per semester (i.e. 13 weeks). The calculation is based on an average cost of $10 per meal.
  • Top up dollars will be credited to the Meal Plan and charged to the student’s account. Top up dollars will be refunded upon request (in the following term only).
  • In accordance with the Retail Sales Act, the voluntary tax-exempt Saver Meal Plan is term-specific and expires at the end of every term.
  • Any unused dollars at the end of the term are non-refundable and can't be rolled over into the following term.

Purchase the Saver Meal Plan

To consult the Saver Meal Plan contract and to purchase the Saver Meal Plan, go directly to Minerva . Simply click on the Student Accounts Menu and choose Meal Plans. Your plan will be activated within 48 hours and the charge will appear directly on your Student Account.  

oneCard Meal Plan

The oneCard Plan is designed for students who occasionally purchase meals or snacks on campus and prefer the convenience of cashless transactions. Meal plans are linked directly to your McGill ID, so you can leave your money at home!

Highlights of the oneCard Meal Plan

  • Cashless, easy-to-use method of payment - simply tap your McGill ID card.
  • oneCard dollars are taxable as specified by Quebec sales tax laws.
  • oneCard gives students access to all 5 Residential Dining Halls and 20+ Retauk Locations.

Please note: At this time, voluntary meal plans are not available to staff or faculty members. 

For all students: You can purchase your oneCard Meal Plan directly in Minerva. Simply click on the Student Accounts Menu and choose Meal Plans. Your plan will be activated within 48 hours and the charge will appear directly on your Student Account.

Top Ups

If you run out of food dollars, you simply need to Top Up in Minerva, in the Student Accounts Menu. After you go to the Student Accounts Menu, scroll down to Meal Plans, and then choose top up.

The amount must be in whole dollars. Some points to remember:

  • The amount must be a minimum of $25 and cannot exceed $800 on any given day
  • The amount will be charged to your student fee account

It's important to note that any TOP UPS can be fully refunded at any time. Simply contact the Food and Dining Service Center or request your refund through our on-line feedback form.

After you make a deposit the funds will usually be available within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: An "AK" code may appear. What does it mean?

An AK hold is assigned to your record initially when you have unpaid meal plan charges overdue (i.e. you did not pay them by the due date) AND your overall balance is greater than $100.

Even if you pay your meal plan charges fully, you may still have an AK hold as it will not be deleted unless your overall balance is less than $100.

This hold prevents you from topping up your Meal Plan balance through Minerva or subscribing to a Voluntary Meal plan until your overall balance is less than $100.

Note that only charges that are past due are considered in the overall balance for the purpose of this calculation. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at (514) 398-7878 or via email at student [dot] accounts [at] mcgill [dot] ca for more information.


Saver Meal Plan: Any top up balance leftover at the end of either the Fall or Winter term will be automatically credited to your Student Account.