Saver Meal Plan


To sign up, please submit this form. You will receive an email confirmation with details of the plan once you are officially signed up.

This plan can be purchased by any full or part-time student, and was designed for those who intend to eat on campus on a regular basis.


The base amount to purchase this plan is $1300 per term, but this amount can be topped up at any time. The Saver Meal Plan is tax exempt, which translates to a savings of almost 15%!

As specified by Quebec sales tax laws, some confectionery items are exempt from the Saver Meal Plan. In addition, the Saver Meal Plan is subject to several terms as specified by the federal government in order to be tax exempt.


saver Tax exempt - Save15%How to Purchase:

Go directly to Minerva
Navigate to: Student menu
> Student Accounts menu
> Meal Plans Menu
> Voluntary Meal Plans Menu
> Saver Meal Plan


Plan terms:

  • The meal plan cost of $1300 is based on federal governmental rules and regulations for university student tax exempt meal plans. These stipulate that a meal plan must represent at least 10 meals per week, per semester (i.e. 13 weeks). The calculation is based on an average cost of $10 per meal.
  • Top up dollars will be credited to the Meal Plan and charged to the student’s account. Top up dollars will be refunded upon request (in the following term only).
  • In accordance with the Retail Sales Act, the voluntary tax-exempt Saver Meal Plan is term-specific and expires at the end of every term.
  • Any unused dollars at the end of the Winter term can be converted into oneCard dollars by April 1st. You must send an email to food.fds [at]
  • Plea​se note that all taxes that you saved during the semester while on the Saver Meal Plan will be charged back to the amount consumed and the balance will be transferred into oneCard dollars. As such, you will need to have a minimum balance of $250.00. A $50 transactional fee applies. 
  • Please note: you cannot purchase a Saver Meal Plan after February 1st (for the winter semester).
  • Your balance will appear on your receipt.


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