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Residential Mandatory Meal Plan Administration Fees

McGill Food and Dining Services and McGill University establish the residential mandatory meal plan administration fee on an annual basis, usually at the end of the spring term. Our administration fees cover the fixed cost of dining facilities including mortgages, equipment and general maintenance.

In addition to the food dollars of the Meal Plan, resident students who have a Mandatory Residential Meal Plan are required to pay fees for: 

  • Capital Improvement Fund: $350 Capital Fund Component for renovation projects, equipment, deferred maintenance, repairs and maintenance contracts needed for improvements to dining locations.
  • Sustainability Fund: $100 to finance various sustainability food projects sucg as waste and recycling, food waste composting, and eco stations in McGill dining locations.
  • Fixed Facilities Fees: $500 for the operation and management of dining facilities including utilities (gas and electricity), mortgages and contributions to the University and to Student Life and Learning.

Total costs

Mandatory Residential  Meal Plans
2014-2015 - Plan Costs

Light Plan
(No 1)

Regular Plan
(No 2)

Varsity Plan
(No 3)

Capital Improvement Fund*




Sustainability Fund*




Fixed Facilities Fees*




Total Administration Costs




Basic Food Dollar (Home Base)




Flex Food Dollars




Total Food Dollars




Grand Total ( Total Costs and Food Dollars) 




Percentage Total Food dollars Versus Grand Total 




Percentage Flex dollars
Versus Total Food Dollars 




Payment by Semester

The purchase of a meal plan is billed electronically through Minerva to the individual student's account. The fee payment schedule is as follows:

  • Fall term: September to December 2014
  • Winter term: January to April 2015

Payment by Term

Light Plan

Regular Plan

Varsity Plan

Fall Term


Food Dollars





Administration Fee




Two charges will appear on your student fee account and will be due at the end of September 2014. Total Fee $3,000 $3,150 $3,275

Winter Term


Food Dollars $2,050 $2,200 $2,325
 These charges will be due at the end of January 2015. Total Fee $2,050 $2,200 $2,325
  1. The first installment of your Mandatory Residential Meal Plan fees is due at the end of September 2013 as described in your student fee account.
  2. The second installment of your Mandatory Residential Meal Plan fees is due at the end of January 2014 as described in your student fee account.