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Allergies and dietary restrictions

We're here to help

Are you an athlete or a vegetarian? Are you living with food allergies/intolerances or looking to manage your weight? Read below for the options available to you. Still have questions? We invite you to contact us to arrange a one-on-one consultation with one of our on-staff dietitians.

Severe Food Allergies

It's important to note that none of our dining locations are peanut-free. Therefore, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to judge whether or not to eat selected foods. We encourage you to ask questions to our Dining Services Chef, supervisor or manager about the ingredients contained in the food you eat. You can also consult our nutritional analysis and recipe ingredient binder located in the various dining halls.

If you have very severe allergy to peanuts or other food, we recommend that you consider a non-traditional residence such as Solin Hall or MORE shared-facilities houses. 

To learn more, read our document on students with severe food allergies.

Vegetarian options

Across McGill, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, customers can choose from rotating vegetarian/vegan selections that include soups, sandwiches, sushi, salads, chef made entrees, made to order pasta or stir fry, pizza, veggie burgers, soy beverages, and snack items. Selections vary from location to location, and are usually more plentiful in the Dining Halls than in retail locations. Vegetarian selections are often, but not always, vegan, and there is an emphasis on complete-protein options. 

Meatless Mondays is a popular monthly event in all residence cafeterias, raising awareness of the benefits of eating vegetarian/vegan options. Visit our Events page to find out about this month's Meatless Monday!

Special Dietary Needs

McGill Food and Dining Services does their utmost to accommodate students with special dietary needs, be they due to religion, allergies and intolerances, or simply the desire to maintain your weight. Nutritional analysis of our recipes is presently available in New Residence Dining Hall and Carrefour Sherbrooke Dining Hall. This information is kept in binders specific to that purpose. In the coming months, we anticipate having nutritional information available in all other Residential Dining Halls. 

To learn more, read the document concerning students with special dietary needs.