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McGill Food and Dining Committees

McGill University Food and Dining Advisory Committee (FADAC)

The McGill University Food and Dining Advisory Committee (FADAC) provides input regarding general policies that affect dining across our campuses. The Committee addresses general concerns and suggests improvements. It also oversees subcommittees that address specific issues and provides feedback and guidance to them. FADAC is comprised of representatives from the University’s upper management, student associations, academics and support staff.

McGill Food and Inter-Rez Advisory Committee

This joint student-administration consultative body serves as a forum to share different student perspectives, open dialogue and consultation on issues and policies that govern the meal plan program.

To learn more about this new committee, please consult the Food and Inter-Rez Advisory Committee information document.

McGill Residence Dining Halls Food Subcommittees

These subcommittees evaluate our food services by way of an open dialogue between student representatives living in residences and our administrative staff at MFDS. Regular meetings are scheduled in advance and students are encouraged to forward their feedback or ideas to their respective representative(s). These issues will be discussed as a group and decisions will be taken so as to implement positive change and improvements in the Residence Dining Halls and more importantly, to our overall service. If you are interested in getting involved, please see your Floor Fellows or your Hall Director. Together we will have the best Residence Dining Halls within McGill University.

Find out who your elected food representatives are

McGill Food Committees with Students Associations

These committees are primarily McGill student committees that serve as a link between Student Associations from each department and McGill Food and Dining Services. These committees play an important role by suggesting relevant solutions to support positive change and improvement for each hall. Regular meetings are scheduled once each semester with each Students Society or Association for both campuses. The Student Associations in 2010-2011 are:

  • Macdonald Campus Students’ Society Executive (MCSS)
  • Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS)
  • Education Undergraduate Society (EdUS)
  • Engineering Undergrad Society (EUS)
  • Law Student Association (LSA)
  • Management Undergraduate Society (MUS)
  • Music Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA)
  • Science Undergraduate Society (SUS)

If you are interested in getting involved, please see your own Associations.


Office of the Ombudstudent

ombudstudent definition

Lucie Lastinger is your Ombudstudent this year

QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, COMMENTS: ombudstudent [dot] fds [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Food and Dining Services Survey 2013

Thank you to all 1435 students, faculty and staff who participated in our 4th annual survey and shared their thoughts and opinions on our services.

Your feedback is valuable to us and you can be assured that the results will be taken seriously in an effort to make the McGill Food and Dining Services experience the best it can be.

We are pleased to provide for you the results of the 2013 survey.