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Concurrent Program


B.Sc. (F.Sc.) / B.Sc. (Nutr.Sc.)

food and lab

Concurrent Degree Program B.Sc. (F.Sc.) / B.Sc. (Nutr.Sc.)

Required Courses: 80 credits
Complementary Courses: 30credits
Elective Courses: 12 credits

Fall admission only

(Total 122 Credits)

Two complementary Fields, One Degree Program

Four Year program (excluding freshman year)

Plenty of Great Employment Opportunities

Earn two degrees at once. McGill University has taken the innovative lead in combining both majors. Unique in North America, the new concurrent degree program in Food Science and Nutritional Science offers the best education in these complementary fields and opens the door to a multitude of career paths.

The Food Science component of the program focuses on the chemistry of food and the scientific principles underlying food preservation, processing and packaging to provide consumers with quality foods. The Nutritional Science component deals with the science of the nutritional aspects of food and metabolism. The program has been carefully structured to ensure that students receive the training that Industry demands.


Required Courses (80Cr)
FDSC 200 Introduction to Food Science 3Cr
NUTR 207 Nutrition and Health 3Cr
FDSC 211 Biochemistry 1 3Cr
MICR 230 Introductory Microbiology 3Cr
FDSC 251 Food Chemistry 1 3Cr
FDSC 300 Principles of Food Analysis 1 3Cr
FDSC 305 Food Chemistry 2 3Cr
AEMA 310 Statistical Methods 1 3Cr
FDSC 315 Separation Techniques in Food Analysis 1 3Cr
FDSC 319 Food Commodities 3Cr
FDSC 213 Analytical Chemistry 1 3Cr
FDSC 310 Post Harvest Fruit and Vegetable Technol 3Cr
FDSC 330 Food Processing 3Cr
FDSC 334 Anal of Food Toxins and Toxicants 3Cr
FDSC 400 Food Packaging 3Cr
FDSC 525 Principles of Quality Assurance 3Cr
FDSC 442 Food Microbiology 3Cr
NUTR 214 Food Fundamentals 3Cr
ANSC 234 Biochemistry 2 3Cr
NUTR 307 Human Nutrition 3Cr
ANSC 323 Mammalian Physiology 3Cr
NUTR 337 Nutrition through Life 3Cr
NUTR 344 Clinical Nutrition I 4Cr
ANSC 424 Metabolic Endocrinology 3Cr
NUTR 512 Herbs, Foods and Phytochemicals 3Cr
FDSC 497 Professional Seminar: Food 1.5Cr
NUTR 497 Professional Seminar: Nutrition 1.5Cr


Complementary Courses (30Cr)

At least 9 credits from the following:
AGEC 200 Principles of Microeconomics 3Cr
AGEC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3Cr
AGEC 330 Agriculture and Food Markets 3Cr
AGEC 430 Agriculture, Food and Resource Policy 3Cr
AGEC 442 Economics of International Agr. Dev. 3Cr
AGEC 450 Agriculture Business Management 3Cr


At least 9 credits from the following:
ENVR 203 Knowledge, Ethics and Environment 3Cr
AGEC 242 Management Theories and Practices 3Cr
NUTR 301 Psychology 3Cr
NUTR 322 Applied Sciences Communication 2Cr
NRSC 340 Global Perspectives on Food 3Cr
NUTR 446 Applied Human Resources 3Cr

12 credits from the following:
FDSC 480 Industrial Stage /Food 12Cr
NUTR 480 Industrial Stage/NUTR 12Cr

Elective Courses (12Cr)

Industrial Stage - Application and assessment forms