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Christian Molgat

Faculty Lecturer

Christian Molgat FMT instructor

BSc (Bio) (Ottawa), BSc (Agr) (Guelph)

Tel.: 514-398-7534
Fax: 514-398-7955
christian [dot] molgat [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Christian Molgat’s interests lies in all facets of livestock management from nutrition, genetic progress, herd management, animal welfare to judging. As such he teaches the four livestock species management courses in Year 2 as well as the first year nutrition and anatomy courses.

Mr. Molgat's extra-curricular activities include involvement in the Macdonald Campus Livestock Judging Club as well as the Macdonald Campus Dairy Challenge Club. Before joining the FMT Program, he had managed a dairy farm and worked in the agricultural private sector for 12 years. He and his family own a hobby farm and in past years they had managed it as a seasonal grass-based livestock farm from which a variety of produce were grown which were sold directly to consumers.

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