Fall 2013



Students in year 1 in the Physical Activity and Health class, early in the semester.

Physical Activity and Health class

Ag Botany students grow pointsettias

August 26th, students in the Agricultural Botany laboratory section plant poinsettias and hook up the watering system (above), while on August 28th, they plant soybeans to grow in the greenhouse (below).

Ag Botany students showing their newly potted soybeans

Students mix and mingle at the FMT Pizza Party on August 27th.

pizza party for FMT students


In their Microcomputing lab section, students are taught in the computer labs in Macdonald-Stewart building (September 12th).

Microcomputing class 

On September 13th, the Soil preparation class visited Les Productions Breizh in Sherrington, Qc, which produces onions and carrots.

Soil preparation students on field trip

Students study the anatomy of hooves in Animal Anatomy and Physiology, and identify what they are examining in the lab, September 16th.

Students in the Farm Centre lab

Year one students received a workshop in using the library's online catalogue and researching techniques on September 18th.

Year 1 students using McGill's library

Amongst others, these 5 year 3 students: Karsten Miehe, Daniel Sutherland, Justine Pouliot, Stéphanie Bélanger-Naud, and Adrian Spuehler all donated blood for the first time at the DHNUS blood drive on campus, on September 25th. Keep up the good work!

Our students are also blood donors.

Students learn about different methods and machinery used for fall field work on September 27th in their Soil Preparation outdoor lab.

Year 1 students in soil preparation class

September 30th Year 2 Fruit and Vegetable students harvested grapes from the vines at the Hort centre.

second year students harvest grapes on campus


On October 1st, the Fruit and Vegetable Crops class pressed the grapes they harvested.

Fruit and Vegetable Crops students press grapes for wine

Our third year students visited a variety of ag businesses in Southwestern Ontario on the annual field trip, October 8-10. Here they visited Chudleigh's Orchard.

Agri-marketing and tourism SWOT 2013

Landscape design Year 3 students plant bulbs around Harrison and Rowles Houses on October 11th.

bulb-planting by year 3 students

Year 2 students harvested kale and cilantro on October 15th.

Second year students harvest kale and cilanto

Year 2 Dairy Heifer Management students measured their heifers on October 16th to chart their growth.

Year 2 students measure heifers at the Mac Farm

Students in Ag Botany (year 1) examined plant cells under the microscope on October 16th.

First year students using microscopes to look at plant cells

Lino Saputo Jr., CEO of Saputo, spoke at Macdonald Campus on October 17th. FMT students attended and many posed thoughtful questions during the discussion period that followed his presentation.

presentation by Lino Saputo Jr on October 17th at Macdonald Campus

A dozen FMT students are on the McGill Woodsmen teams this semester. Here they are after competing in mid-October.

the 2013 Woodsmen teams for Mac, with a dozen FMT students

Second year students traveled to Adirondack Farms in Peru, New York on October 25th.

Year 2 dairy field trip to Adirondack Farms in Peru, NY.

October 29th saw second year Fruit and Vegetable Crops students sampling dozens of varieties of apples and pears to compare taste, texture, colour, and other factors.

Students sample apples for different characteristics

year 1 Ag Botany students make bread, October 30th in the Ceilidh kitchen.

Year 1 students make different varieties of bread in Ag Botany


Students identified weeds in their Ag Botany (year 1) class on November 6th.

Identifying weeds in Ag Botany November 2013

On November 6th, there was a very special guest lecture on animal handling and welfare, by Dr. Temple Grandin, the lecture theatre was packed; FMT students attended.

November 6th 2013, Dr. Temple Grandin spoke at Macdonald Campus

Students in Dairy Heifer Management measured their heifers to chart their growth, at the Mac Farm November 13th.

November measurements to chart their heifer's growth

Also on November 13th, the Ag Botany students measured their poinsettia plants                                                                                  

Poinsettias grown in the greenhouses, Ag Botany November 2013

The annual FMT Awards night was held on November 27th at Tadja Hall. Students were awarded bursaries, awards and scholarships to help them with their education.

students awarded bursaries or awards at the annual FMT Awards night 2013

Students in Landscape Design (year 3) created displays of photos demonstrating design themes, for the Macdonald community to vote on, on November 29th. They were on display in the Macdonald-Stewart Lobby.

Stéphanie B-Naud presents her design poster, which received honourable mention


Students measured their poinsettias for the last time on December 2nd, before taking 1 of theirs home, and selling the other 2 they produced to help fundraise for their class' grad party in 2016.

students grow poinsettias as a fundraiser

December 5th, Students in Microcomputing did group presentations in the Active learning classrooms.

Year 1 students present in the active learning classroom

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