September 2012

 September 28:

Trip to Marché Central for the students enrolled in the Fruit and Vegetable Crops' course. They were able to see what takes place at the Marché Central of Montreal, early in the morning in terms of exchanges between producers and retailers.

At the Marché Central, students talking to producers

In the Soil Preparation laboratory class, the FMT students were looking at primary tillage equipments in action on the Macdonald Campus Farm fields to learn how to adjust the equipment and to evaluate the work. Below is a chisel plow 

 FMT students looking at the chisel plow work in the soil.

September 5:

At the Horticultural Centre, the 1st year students are learning how to graft pear trees with the help of Mr. Michael Bleho as part of their Agricultural Botany's laboratory.

Students are being shown how to graft pear trees.

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