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February 2012

February 28:

All FMT students were invited to a conference sponsored by FCC and presented by Brian Maloney and Lise Villeneuve from Brylee Farm. They spoke about their own experience on their farm about direct marketing and sustainable agriculture. This event was organized by third year FMT students.

 A conference by Brian Maloney and Lise Villeneuve from Brylee farm 

Third year students had to do a wood working project in teams of two as part of their Building Maintenance course. They usually spend some time at the tool and machinery shop during the laboratory period to do it.  

Jonathan Frankhauser shows a bench he made with Scott Brandrick

February 16: 

Second year students from the Swine and poultry class visit a swine farm. They are looking at different aspects involved in the management of sows at maternity and in gestation and their piglets. Then, the students can compare the practices used at Macdonald Campus Swine Complex to another farm.

Visit to a swine farm

February 4:

Congratulations to all participants! 25 teams were competing at the Macdonald Campus Judging Competition. Teams from many Colleges, Universities and 4-H were represented. All participants have to judge different classes of animals and crops and there are 4 members per team. Below, you can see the judging team winners of this year: Laval A, Mac 1 and McGill B

 Judging Team Winners: 1st place Laval A, 2nd place Mac 1, 3rd place McGill B

February 3:

For their Dairy Herd Management class, a case study team of four meets at the Dairy Farm Adora to discuss and observe management in terms of cow comfort and health, nutrition, reproduction and milking system. Each team is assigned to a farm for which they have to produce a report and presentation about those aspects and each member is responsible for one of them.

 Students at Farm Adora discussing with Mr. Gabriel and Ms. Gabriel (absent)

February 2:

Macdonald staff and alumni students play a hockey game against Macdonald students as part of the Winter Carnaval week.

Hockey game: Macdonald staff and alumni students against Macdonald students

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