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Farm Management and Technology Program

  • Mathieu Rouleau, Colin Murphy, Sheldon Grant and Tiffany Nelson at the expertise

    Our students are very happy to participate at the annual Macdonald Campus Judging Competition with teams coming from various universities and colleges as well as 4-H members.

  • Thomas Kuipers on his first summer internship in the Netherlands in July 2014. All first year students complete 13-week internships.

  • FMT group

    FMT students are a large close-knit family. They all share the same passion: agriculture!

  • Some of the 2014 FMT graduates with teaching staff in front of the flagpoles.

  • FMT students in the year one Animal Physiology and Anatomy wet lab do some dissections at the Farm Centre.

  • FMT students at the annual MCSS BBQ and Clubs night in September. There is a rich student life on campus.

  • FMT students work on their presentation skills in the Active Learning Classroom

  • Annual Year 3 field trip to southwestern Ontario in October, at Chudleigh's apple orchard.

  • Summer internships can be done on any time of agricultural operation or agribusiness that interests the students.

  • The view of Macdonald campus from across the rugby field in early fall. Green spaces abound.

  • Woodsmen Competition

    Have you ever been out to support our teams at our intercollegial woodsmen competition held at Macdonald Campus every year?

  • Football sport

    FMT students play football at the McEwen field in their physical education class.

The Farm Management and Technology (FMT) Program is a 3-year academic and practical college program offered on the Macdonald Campus, and taught by the staff of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of McGill University. The FMT program is funded by the Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec and authorized by the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Recherche et Science. Director: Peter Enright

Revised Program Started in Fall 2014 semester!

Building on the solid standards of excellence in education, hands-on experience, and analytical thinking for which we are known, the new Farm Management and Technology program includes revisions that better reflect the needs of today's farm business operators.

New program listing: 152B0.

For details about the revised program, contact the FMT Liaison Officer, Ms. Caitlin MacDougall, at 514-398-7818 or visit the Program Information page.

This Month in FMT

For news and pictures from this semester and past years, check out This Month in FMT or the Fall 2013 gallery. For information on where the FMT Liaison Officer is recruiting next (schools, education fairs, agricultural fairs, etc), click here. For the most recent photos visit our Facebook page!

Check out the latest scholarship opportunities as well as the external scholarships you could apply for (deadlines listed).

Want to apply?

Please read our section How to Apply and the Program Information page for entrance requirements. Visit the FAQ page for answers to the questiosn we most often are asked. We recommend applying before March 1st.

For more information or to arrange a tour please contact us. Tours are offered year-round.

Give us a call at 514-398-7818
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