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Farm Management and Technology Program

  • Football sport

    FMT students play football at the McEwen field.

  • FMT group

    FMT students are a large close-knit family. They all share the same passion: agriculture!

  • Macdonald arena ice hockey

    Many FMT students play intramural ice hockey at Macdonald campus arena.

  • McRae's farm visit

    First year FMT students, in Soil Preparation class, visit many farms including Mr. Shawn McRae's farm in Ontario.

  • Trip to Summitholm Farms

    Entrepreneurship 2 class, annual field trip: Third year FMT students are provided management details at Summitholm Farms.

  • FCC FMT awards

    FCC Farm Project winners with FCC representative Nancy Lamothe, and FMT lecturers

  • South West Ontario trip on the bus

    Third year FMT students travelled to see various agricultural businesses in South West Ontario, as part of their Entrepreneurship 2 class.

  • FMT display Ormstown

    the FMT display at Expo Ormstown Fair - come see us at a fair near you!

  • Apple Harvest

    Apple harvest by second year FMT students for their ''Fruit and Vegetable crop'' class.

  • Mathieu Rouleau, Colin Murphy, Sheldon Grant and Tiffany Nelson at the expertise

    Our students are very happy to participate at the annual Macdonald Campus Judging Competition with teams coming from various universities and colleges as well as 4-H members.

  • Planting Poinsettias

    In their Agricultural Botany class, students plant poinsettias, which they will sell in December to raise funds for their graduation night.

  • Sheep field trip

    FMT students regularly take part in field trips to agricultural enterprises, as part of their courses.

  • Paul Meldrum and FMT girls laughing

    To celebrate the arrival of new FMT students, a welcome BBQ was organized by current students. Tiffany Nelson, Paul Meldrum (Macdonald Campus Farm Manager), Emily Mastine, Kayla St-Cyr and Julia Meyerhans share a laugh at the BBQ.

  • smiling diploma graduates

    FMT graduates at their June 3, 2013 convocation, at Macdonald Campus

  • Active Learning Classroom

    FMT students have some of their classes taught in the "Active Learning Classroom".

  • Corn Harvest

    Contest: who is going to harvest the heaviest corn crop (as per dry matter weight) by using fertilizers of their choice? In the Soil Fertilization class. (C.Begg)

  • Beverly Greenhouse

    Third year FMT students visit Beverly Greenhouse Limited.

  • Pear grafting

    FMT students learn a grafting technique on pear trees with Mr. Michael Bleho at the Macdonald Campus Horticultural Centre as part of their Agricultural Botany class.

  • Tutoring service

    Tutors are available to help FMT students during the semester for which Ms. Deborah Hollenbeck (English teacher, above) takes part in one of them.

  • Woodsmen Competition

    Have you ever been to our intercollegial woodsmen competition held at Macdonald Campus every year to support our teams?

  • FMT convocation

    FMT Director Peter Enright (center) congratulates graduates Scott Lee Brandrick (left) and Lewis Coddington (right)

  • Grant family graduates

    FMT '13 grad Sheldon Grant, with his parents, sister Beth (FMT '10 grad) and grandfathers

The Farm Management and Technology (FMT) Program is a 3-year academic and practical college program offered on the Macdonald Campus, and taught by the staff of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of McGill University. The FMT program is funded by the Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec and authorized by the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Recherche et Science. Director: Peter Enright

New! Revised Program Starting in Fall 2014!

Building on the solid standards of excellence in education, hands-on experience, and analytical thinking for which we are known, the new Farm Management and technology program includes revisions that better reflect the needs of today's farm business operators.

New program listing: 152.B0 rather than 152.A0.

For details about the revised program, contact the FMT Liaison Officer, Ms. Caitlin MacDougall, at 514-398-7818.

*Students currently in the FMT program will complete their diploma following the 152.A0 curriculum. Only students starting in Fall 2014 will be enrolled in the revised 152.B0 program. As such, course names and descriptions as listed in the program information section will change over time.

This Month in FMT

For news and pictures from this semester and past years, check out This Month in FMT or the Fall 2013 gallery. For information on where the FMT Liaison Officer is recruiting next (schools, education fairs, agricultural fairs, etc), click here.

Check out the latest scholarship opportunities as well as the external scholarships you could apply for (deadlines listed).

Want to apply?

Please read our section How to Apply and the Program Information page for entrance requirements.

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***APRIL 28th, 2014: The FMT class starting in Fall 2014 is now full. Due to a higher than normal volume of applications already this year,applications have closed earlier than usual. Please call us for more information.

Give us a call at 514-398-7818
or send us an fmt [dot] macdonald [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email)