Introduction to numeric data cleaning using R


This hands-on workshop is a gentle introduction to R. Using census data from Statistics Canada, this session will run through importing survey datasets into R Studio, using data frames, subsetting,...

Introduction to numeric data cleaning using SPSS


This hands-on workshop for SPSS will use census data from Statistics Canada and introduce attendees to basic data management functions, including: importing, aggregating, transposing, splitting...

EndNote Essentials


 Find out how to build your personal database of references using EndNote.

E. coli outbreak has some Quebec restaurants pulling romaine lettuce

Published: 8Jan2018

However, Lawrence Goodridge, the director of McGill University's food safety and quality program, said the practice of thoroughly washing infected lettuce won't make it safe for consumption....

The discovery that could shake up the beer industry

Published: 3Jan2018

Jaswinder Singh can hardly contain his excitement when talking about TLP8, a useful protein he discovered in barley. “It could revolutionize the brewing industry,” said the associate professor at...

Maintaining momentum in forages

Published: 3Jan2018

It takes a long time to develop a new variety from scratch. Dr. Bruce Coulman of the University of Sask­atchewan recently recalled the start of his forage breeding career at McGill University....

Keep the animal agriculture industry out of the new food guide

Published: 3Jan2018

Researchers from McGill University (Paul Thomassin) found that if Canadians ate less meat, and more fruits and vegetables, Canada's GDP would benefit. The authors recommended the government...

Réflexion sur l'agriculture avec la doyenne de la Faculté de l'agriculture de l'Université McGill

Published: 18Dec2017

En cette fin d'année, nous vous proposons une réflexion sur l'agriculture avec une femme qui a consacré sa vie aux enjeux agricoles. Anja Geitmann est doyenne de la faculté des sciences de l...

Alum recipient of Canada’s Volunteer Awards’ Emerging Leader Award (Quebec Region)

Published: 14Dec2017

Congratulations to alum Valérie Toupin-Dubé, BSc (AgEnvSci)’16, recipient of the Canada’s Volunteer Awards’ Emerging Leader Award for the Quebec region!...

Professor Jeff Xia named CRC Chair (Tier 2)

Published: 12Dec2017

Congratulations to Professor Jianguo (Jeff) Xia, Department of Animal Science and Institute of Parasitology, who has been named a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2)  in Bioinformatics and Big Data...


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