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Discover McGill: Academic Expectations Day

Do you have concerns about your study skills or what a university workload will entail? Perhaps you will be studying in English for the first time? If so, make sure you take advantage of and register for the workshops offered on Discover McGill's Academic Expectations Day which will provide you with plenty of tips and advice on how you can get a head start on your university career.

The following workshops are available during this year's Discover McGill Academic Expectations Day. Schedules are listed first for each campus, and descriptions of each workshop are at the bottom of this page.

Downtown Campus Schedule (Wednesday, August 31st)



Macdonald Campus Schedule (Thursday, September 1st)



Session d'acceuil pour étudiants francophones

Pendant la session d'acceuil pour étudiants francophones, l'Adjointe aux étudiants francophones vous souhaitera elle-même la bienvenue et vous communiquera des informations essentielles pour réussir à McGill. Cette session de bienvenue sera aussi l'occasion de rencontrer d'autres étudiants francophones.

Simple Strategies for Successful Students​

You have been accepted to McGill because you have all proven yourselves to be successful students. This session aims to help you maintain your academic success by introducing strategies and resources to create the work/life balance necessary to successfully adjust to the challenges of university life.

Making the Grade

Come and get useful tips to help ensure that you make the most of your class time, and discover the range of resources available to help you learn effectively by using your individual talents. Realize some of the things that your professors do both in and out of class and what you can reasonably expect of them. Find out how to prepare for exams, and what you can gain from our teaching assistants. Learn how to decide if a particular course is right for you.

McGill's Frugal Scholar Money Management Program/ Facts on Fees

At this session the Frugal Scholar Money Management Program will be highlighted. McGill's Scholarships and Student Aid Office (SSAO) shares the concerns of students who worry about managing their finances successfully over the course of their degree. That's why SSAO has worked directly with students for students to create a comprehensive program designed to help students budget effectively and graduate with manageable debt. Facts on Fees will provide newly admitted students with information about e-billing, guest access, billing dates and the consequences of non-payment. Find out about payment procedures, fee policies, how and when you will be billed, explore the Minerva menus related to fees and discuss how to set up banking in Montreal.

Untangling the Academic Web (Downtown Only)

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of doing academic research? The library can help! Come learn about the extensive resources and services available to you at the McGill Library, from study spaces and computers to millions of books and journal articles. In this session, you will learn strategies for finding and citing academic information and, most importantly, you'll discover how to find your own subject-specialist librarian resource person who can help you navigate the world of information.

Academic Culture for International Students (Downtown Only)

Prepare for academic culture in North America (and specifically at McGill) in this helpful session addressing cultural differences and opportunities in the classroom.