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Fall - Pre-Arrival To-Do's

1 - Request a Student Life Ambassador/International Student Buddy

An ambassador/buddy is a senior student who has been through it all and wants to help new students with the first-time challenges of McGill's academic and social life.  To request an ambassador/buddy, please visit the Student Life Ambassador page.

2 - Check out McGill 101and review the Master Checklist

McGill 101 is an online hub for all new McGill undergraduate students with videos, quizes, and a Master Checklist. With information on everything from registration to courses and getting involved, McGill 101 is a valuable resource to kick start the whole of your McGill career even before you get here. It wil help you become familiar with McGill's terminology and answer some of your questions. You can easily access McGill 101 from your myCourses homepage.

3 - Register for Discover McGill and let us know you're coming!

For more information and to register please visit the website.

4 - Make sure to review the contents contained on the "New Students" website.


5 - Like us on Facebook!