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Pre-arrival checklist - Fall

Have you:

  1. registered for at least one course on Minerva by the registration deadline of August 13, 2014?
  2. verified your registration and fees and updated your mailing addresses on Minerva?
  3. submitted your proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency (Canadian citizens) or your Study Permit, CAQ or Convention Refugee status document (international students) to Enrolment Services' Documentation Centre?
  4. provided the Permanent Code Data Form to the Enrolment Services' Documentation Centre? (Out-of-province and international students only.)
  5. gone to get your Student ID card?
  6. activated your McGill e-mail account?
  7. obtained your compulsory medical insurance through International Student Services? (International students only.)
  8. opted-into your student medical insurance? Visit this website at the beginning of January to fill out the form. (Canadian students only.)
  9. dropped by the Orientation Centre and the Campus Life & Engagement Office (you can find our address at the bottom right)?
  10. looked through the "Green Book," your Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities?
  11. bought your textbooks?
  12. signed up for a library tour and workshop?
  13. checked out the Athletics facilities?
  14. contacted the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) to learn about its many events, activities and services?
  15. marked off Activities Night on your Calendar? Contact SSMU for more information about this great opportunity to get involved and make new friends.
  16. posted your First-Year Calendar in a good spot so that you can remind yourself of upcoming events and deadlines? The calendar was included in your Discover McGill package and is available online here.
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