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Macdonald Campus

Thursday, September 3, 2015



09:30–10:30 - General Sessions


Francophone Students - Session d’accueil :  Raymond Building, R2-046

Sabrina Teoli, Assistant for Francophone Students – Campus Life & Engagement Office
Sylvie Lapointe, Administrator, Macdonald Student Services


International Students Information / Orientation Session

Raymond Building, R2-045

 10:30–10:45 - Break

10:45–11:45 - Simple Strategies for Successful Students :  Raymond Building, R2-045

11:45–13:00 - LUNCH Hosted by: Macdonald Campus Student Services

Ceilidh, Centennial Centre

13:00-13:15 - Frugal Scholar Money Management Program :  Raymond Building, R2-045

13:20-14:20 - Making the Grade :  Raymond Building, R2-045  


Workshop Descriptions

Simple Strategies for Successful Students
Pasquale Gendreau, Counsellor in Counselling Service – Counselling & Tutorial Services

You have been accepted into McGill because you have all proven yourselves to be successful students.  This session hopes to keep you staying successful by introducing strategies and resources to create the work/life balance necessary to have you master the adjustment to the challenges of university life.

McGill’s Frugal Scholar Money Management Program
Bronwyn Rice, Scholarships and Student Aid Office

At this session the Frugal Scholar Money Management Program will be highlighted. McGill's Scholarships and Student Aid Office (SSAO) shares the concerns of students who worry about managing their finances successfully over the course of their degree. That's why SSAO has worked directly with students for students to create a comprehensive program designed to help students budget effectively and graduate with manageable debt.

Making the Grade
Dr. Edith Zorychta, Director of Graduate Studies, in the Department of Pathology, also teaches extensively to undergraduate students.

Come and get useful tips to help ensure that you make the most of your class time, and discover the range of resources available to you.  Find out some of the things that your professors do when they’re not in class and what you can reasonably expect of them.  Consider how to learn most effectively by using your individual talents and how to decide if a course is right for you. 


Join us for a day of planning for your future success at McGill University

You’ll be glad you did!

Registration for workshops can be done on the Orientation Website for Macdonald Campus