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Student Life Ambassador Program

As a Student Life Ambassador volunteer, your key role is to help personalize the transition of new incoming undergraduate students to the McGill community by providing them with a welcoming introduction to university. With the First-Year Office staff as support, you will be providing information and assistance to the student(s) you are matched with to help them better navigate the McGill system as well as to adjust to independent living in Montreal. Having a student’s perspective on life at McGill is often very useful for incoming students, and this is the goal of the Student Life Ambassador Program.

As a volunteer for the Student Life Ambassador Program, you will be required to correspond with your appointed student through e-mail over the summer. The time commitment may vary with each individual student, but generally speaking, you would be expected to be in contact with him/her on a weekly basis. If you do establish an ongoing correspondence, as many ambassadors do, you may choose to meet your assigned student(s) in person at the beginning of the semester.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Life Ambassador, please complete the volunteer application form here