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Tuition and fees

Calculating your tuition and fees

Tuition rates depend on a number of variables such as on your faculty, the degree you're pursuing, the number of course credits that you are registered for and your residency status (Quebec, Out-of-Province Canadian, or International student). Visit the Student Accounts Office for detailed information.

As well, compulsory fees will be added to your tuition, for things like student services and student societies. The Student Accounts Office features a complete breakdown of these fees.

Other than Tuition and Administrative fees, most others, including those for residence and charges for printing from computer labs, are billed to your student account on a monthly basis. Interest charges will be applied to late payments.

Payment Methods

While student accounts offers many payment options, credit cards are not accepted. Click here for a full list of payment options.

Fee Statements

Electronic billing is the official means of delivering tuition statements to all McGill students. Your e-bill replaces paper fee statements and can be viewed online through on Minerva.

All charges to your account will appear on your e-bill. An e-mail will be sent to your McGill e-mail address each time a new e-bill fee statement has been posted. Your e-bill can be viewed on Minerva.