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Safety and security


Drivesafe was created by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) to help decrease drunk driving among students. Event organizers must register for this service, which provides rides home anywhere on the Island of Montreal, the South Shore and Laval.

Emergency Telephones

McGill's network of 20 emergency phones dots the downtown campus. These intercom phones connect callers directly with McGill Security and are located along walkways and in other highly visible locations. At night, a bright blue light makes them easy to find.

Lost and Found

McGill Security operates a lost and found downtown and on the Macdonald Campus where you can look for lost items or bring things found on campus. If you've lost something, you can either contact Security at 514-398-4556 or head to room 120 of the Burnside Building.

McGill Security

Security Services is located in room 105 of the Ferrier Building, and operates 24 hours a day. Services include the lost and found, emergency telephones, and a 24-Hour campus patrol.

To contact Security in case of an emergency, call 514-398-3000.

Night Routes

As a means of providing additional security on campus, the Walksafe Network and McGill Security developed a night route map, which outlines safe East-West and North-South routes for crossing the campus after dark. These routes have been chosen because they are less isolated, more open and better lit than others.


Walksafe is a student-run volunteer organization that has teams on call to accompany students home after dark. Teams from this free service will walk you anywhere in Montreal, and will even go with you on the metro, on a bus or in a taxi. They carry radios and wear clearly marked Walksafe jackets. To request an accompanied walk, call 514-398-2498.

Information Security

The university’s Information Security unit leads IT risk assessment efforts, oversees the awareness and training program for information security and monitors compliance, as well as manages IT security incident response.