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Health insurance

Health insurance policies and requirements can be very detailed, and while some information applies to all students, other conditions may vary widely for undergraduates, graduate students, international students and Canadian students from outside of Quebec. Use the resources below to determine exactly what coverage you have, what coverage you need, and whether you need to pay for it. 

For all students

Comprehensive health insurance is a must for all students. To ensure that your health is never compromised, McGill offers insurance plans that can either cover all your needs or complement your existing coverage.

All students are automatically enrolled in a student plan except for students who begin their McGill studies in January; these students must choose to opt-in. As well, students can opt out of the plan if they have alternate coverage. If you'd like to opt out, you must submit the necessary paperwork by the opt-out deadline. Contact your student society (SSMU for undergrads, MCSS for Macdonald Campus students or PGSS for graduate students) to find out about opting-out and the deadline.

If you are a new Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen who has been living abroad for an extended period, you may not immediately qualify for provincial health coverage. Although you will automatically be enrolled in a Canadian undergraduate or graduate student insurance plan, it may not ensure adequate coverage, so consider opting for the group plan offered through International Student Services.

For undergraduates

The Students' Society of McGill University, in collaboration with the Quebec Student Health Alliance (ASEQ) negotiates a health insurance plan for undergraduate Canadian students. Enrolment is automatic and fees will be charged to your student account unless you opt out. For more information on the opt-out option, fees and coverage, visit ASEQ's website or call 1-866-795-4435.

For graduate students

The health insurance plan offered to Canadian graduate students is negotiated by the Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS) in collaboration with the Quebec Student Health Alliance (ASEQ). Enrolment is automatic and fees will be charged to your student account unless you opt out. For information on the PGSS Health Insurance Plan, click here.

For international students

With very rare exceptions, all international students (undergraduate and graduate) are required to participate in a health insurance plan administered by International Student Services. For more information, visit the International Student Services website or drop into their office:

International Student Services
William & Mary Brown Student Services Building
McGill University
3600 McTavish Street, Suite 3215
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0G3
Tel: 514-398-4349
Fax: 514-398-7352
international [dot] students [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail)

For Canadians from outside of Quebec

All Canadians receive medical coverage through their provincial governments, but your coverage may change when you leave your home province. Check with your provincial health care office to see if you're covered.