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Books and bookstores

Your course books are an integral part of your university learning experience and can form the start of your academic library. It is important to have them for your courses so you can do the required readings and get the most out of your courses. Professors typically give a list of required texts on the first day of class. There is also an index available in the basement of the McGill Bookstore that lists the required books for each course.

Professors may also ask you to purchase a course pack, which is a customized set of texts compiled by the professor that can contain book chapters, journal articles, handouts, newspaper articles, and other pertinent material.

Be warned that bookstore lines can be very long at the beginning of each semester. You should also note that while textbooks can be returned for a full refund up to 10 days after purchase, no refunds are offered for course packs. If you have difficulty finding a book, note that professors may also put copies on reserve at the library for use by students in the course.

Books are available at:

  • McGill Bookstore
    The Bookstore carries the complete stock of required course packs and textbooks (new and used), as well as reference, medical and other non-course books. On the top floor, you'll find a popular café that serves coffee and lunch. The Bookstore also sells stationery and a full range of McGill items including jackets, T-shirts, knapsacks, etc.

    You can find course textbooks and course packs on the basement floor of the bookstore. Textbooks are organized according to subject and course number making it easy to identify which books to purchase for your courses. Furthermore, an index of all courses and their required texts is available at the information desk in the basement.

    McGill Bookstore
    3420 McTavish Street
  • Macdonald Campus Students' Society Bookstore
    The Macdonald Campus Bookstore is located in Centennial Centre and run by the Macdonald Campus Students' Society (MCSS). It carries a complete stock of textbooks for Macdonald campus courses and a variety of other needed materials and supplies.

    Macdonald Campus Students' Society Bookstore
    Centennial Centre
  • McGill Classifieds
    McGill's classified ads are used mainly for book-buying and apartment hunting.
    Be warned that some used textbooks might be out-of-date editions. We recommend that you ask your professor to confirm that it is still relevant for the course.