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Tuition and fees

Calculating your tuition and fees

Tuition rates can range anywhere from $2,224 to $24,840 annually, depending on your faculty, the degree you're pursuing, the number of course credits that you are registered for and your residency status (Quebec, Out-of-Province Canadian, or International student). Visit the Student Accounts Office for detailed information.

Cost of living

Estimated Annual Cost of Living

Montreal's cost of living, while lower than in many North American cities, is nonetheless a concern to many students. Budgets can vary, but below are some general estimates of living expenses that a single full-time student can expect to incur in a year, not including tuition and ancillary fees. If you are concerned about covering the cost of your studies, be sure to look into loan and bursary programs from McGill, your provincial government or your country of residence.

Money matters

Third-year Architecture student Lilia Koleva

Financial management

Understanding your expenses is the first step in budgeting for your university career. If you budget carefully, you should be able to avoid some of the financial stress that can distract you from your studies.