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Year-End Reports

Variance analysis reports help quantify and identify the difference in actual expenditures or revenues between fiscal years and quarters. In some cases, variance is calculated by comparing budget to actuals and in others the comparison is based solely on actuals.

The Quarterly Variance Analysis Reports were designed by the Office of the Budget for the purpose of tracking budgets within a given year and between years. By request of the Office of the Budget this template has been moved to the Integrated Budget and Finance Page within the Budget Reports for 1A & 1B section of this site.

The Year-End Variance Analysis Reports are specifically designed for the year-end excercise. These reports are intended to facilitate the variance analysis exercise conducted by the Office of the Controller and required by McGill’s External Auditors.

Instructions for logging in to reports and exporting data is available on the Running Web & Crystal Reports page..
Crystal Reports software is not required to run the web report templates.

Year-End Variance Analysis Report Templates

Variance Analysis WEB Report


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Displays specific revenue and expense related line items as per the audited financial statements for all unrestricted funds by Organization Code, regardless of the organization level. Displays Operating and Self Financing totals by current and prior fiscal years. Provides comparison in dollars and percentage current versus previous line item totals. Drilldown allows for information at the detail level by org, fund, and account codes.

Report Help: 
Variance Analysis [.pdf]

Prompting Query Fields:
- Current Fiscal Year
- Prior Fiscal Year
- Org Code
- Org Level

View Information [for Crystal Report]:
View: FG.Yearly.Operating.Statement
View: FG.Fund.Profile